Introducing C2Learning

Document control is a widely misinterpreted requirement within a project environment, and does not currently come with one solid guide that fits all companies project requirements. The key is in understanding the methodologies which guide best practices in document control and this is where C2Learning excels.

C2Learning’s document control training programs and governance services provide assurance to the developer and all members of the project team that their technical documents are being managed for both short term and long term audit-ability and accuracy.

There are few small business offices that claim to have a solid understanding of their document management practices in their offices. There are fewer still that take the small steps involved to create a document management policy, document management processes and an orientation for all employees as to what the organization’s expectations are for document management.

C2Learning’s document management training, small business document management package and contract services keep small businesses on track. We contribute greatly to the efficiency, on-boarding and general knowledge level of any small business.

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